Four Budget-Friendly Appetizers For Holiday Entertaining • Tasty

Stick to your budget this holiday season with these four budget-friendly appetizers! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: Subscribe to …

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  1. I don't really consider the first one with the chicken and bacon that budget friendly. Chicken breast and bacon sometimes can be pretty expensive. Maybe use boneless chicken thighs instead.

  2. These are budget appetizers if you are making $100k a year and on your paid vacation days, otherwise this is way too much money and time for an appetizer. A budget recipe should be something cheap and quick to make not pounds of chicken, bacon a pack of string cheese and a sauce with seven ingredients and two hours in the kitchen. .

  3. It's only "budget friendly" if you already have all these spices. Lmao! That's what trips me out about most of these cooking channels. The meal in and of itself may be cheap, but acquiring all the condiments, cheeses, and spices is not.

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