Breakfast Ideas

Fast & Healthy School Breakfast Ideas!

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  1. the funniest thing just happened so ther was an ad about removing spots and I thought it was shelby video and watched all of it and startingnof with a night out but couldn't and kept searching for tips and then she finds nothing at lies saying she stuck in traffic and if they can reschedule then all of a sudden it shows some random cream and I see in the corner it says skip I was bruh

  2. Great ideas! I think I'm really fun of omlette with vegetables! 😛 You are so nice and optimistic girl, that I became addicted to your videos- I'm wathing it all the time! And a bad thing is that I really should start studing, because I'll have my exams soon, and I really can't switch of your videos 😛 I hope that if I eat this omlette tommorow morning I'll be full of energy to study:P All the best for you! 🙂

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