EGG SALAD RECIPE | how to make egg salad 2 easy ways

Egg salad is an easy, healthy recipe that can be with or without mayonnaise, depending on your preference. Learn how to make a classic egg salad (with mayo) …

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  1. I recently made greek dill meatballs and rice and I did not have any greek yogurt for the meatballs. I did have a bottle of bolthouse farms cilantro avocado yogurt dressing (which is low cal by the way) and it came out FANTASTIC! the meatballs held together well. Also did not have any bread so i ground up oatmeal and used that too. (I try to do gluten free for weight loss). So I am going to make your egg salad recipe using the bolthouse farms as a substitute for the mayo/yogurt. i have never made egg salad in my entire life (I am 66) always thinking it as "icky." but i think i will really like this and i have realized that trying new recipes is key to weight loss so i won't wander off into "sweets and treats" just for variety. Thank you. Love your videos and your sense of humor.

  2. Awesome salads it's look Yumi yumi.its a new way of eating salad and don't be bore eating the same everyday.thsnk u Dani for ur recipe .I'm learning eating right with u. god bless u .

  3. I make the classic but use low fat sour cream with a little mayo. I have been using radishes in my mayo based salads for years. I love the color and crunch!

  4. I just came over to thank you for this recipe. Except that I mis-remembered it as being avocado CHICKEN salad. I didn't have radishes or dill, so I subbed in a little dill pickle relish. When I tasted it for seasoning, it needed two more finely chopped small stalks of celery. It was delicious!

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