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Effective Slug Control Method for small-medium Gardens (100% Free and Organic)

This video covers what I believe to be one of the most effective ways to reduce slug damage and prevent future problems. The best part about it is that it is a free …

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  1. Hey Folks, please leave the leopard slugs alone. They feed on the other slugs and their eggs. And if you can afford to lose some crop save the naked black as well as the housed ones. Out native naked black slugs in northern europe are threatened by the invasive spanish slug which is the real pest because they have got much more mucus so native predators dont't like to feed on them as much. Here in northern Germany I can't find naked black slugs any more… Keep on the good work. Greetings from Germany

  2. You can leave boards for slugs as traps. Soapy water works great in the bucket. Keeping the older leaves picked off helps because they are usually lower to the ground and easy picking for the slugs and good hiding places.

  3. i wish i had this video when slugs attacked my pumpkins and sunflowers! didn’t want to use chemicals to kill them on the pumpkins 🙁 gonna try this next year… hope people don’t think i’m mad

  4. I agree, this has been the best method for reducing slug numbers in the garden. Instead of pouring water over them and leaving them to drown, I pour boiling water over them and they are dead immediately. The "slurry" can then be poured onto the compost heap or buried in a hole in the ground.

  5. Once the plants are big enough, we release the chickens on 'em. For places where the chickens cannot go, I go out at night, knock them down, and dump some salt on them. Also, the slugs seem to be unusually fond of the marigolds, so we use them as a trap plant to get them to concentrate around them. That way, they're easier to find and kill before they attack plants that are for food.

  6. I use DE in the veg beds but I didn’t think to check my fall chrysanthemums planters. My husband and I went out one night and happened to see the flowers covered with slugs. We picked off slugs 3 nights in a row and now only see a rouge slug or two occasionally.

  7. I tried all the usual weird and wonderful stuff but the only method that's worked in our garden is to go out every night and physically remove them. At the height of their infestation I was removing over 100 slugs and snails every single night. Now I'm down to between 10 and 20 and they're smaller so I believe these are the hatched ones from eggs laid by the hundreds of adults I physically removed and terminated. If I can keep this up over winter hopefully there'll be less eggs and less slugs and snails come next spring. They decimated my veg this year 😫

  8. It was quite an interesting picture your face half lit in the dark… : ) What has worked well for me is making traps with beer. You can use the cheapest you can find, they don't mind it and it attracts them….

  9. Diotemaceous earth works extremely well if you can get a few days without rain. Even a light watering negates the effectiveness of d.e, so you have to reapply after you water unless you have a dropper system. But if you can get 3 days of effectively applied d.e it will completely wipe out a slug population for two weeks.

  10.'s some interesting slug facts Also, i read that they must be removed at least 20 metres (65 ft.) to prevent them from homing back into your garden.i think one of the better tips I've learned (from Charles Dowding, I think) is that snails love the moistness of wood-sided raise beds and so I took mine down (though I liked the organizational look of it) and just make mounds. It really seems to have helped. Happy slug hunting! :))

  11. thanks Huw, great video , never thought of looking for them at night they have chomped their way through my greens and i have tried the beer in a tub, i do get some but i must have some non drinkers.

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