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Easy Vegan Sauces | 3 Delicious Recipes!

COCONUT CURRY SAUCE 2 tsp curry powder 1 tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp smoked paprika 1 tsp cumin seeds 1 tsp coriander seeds 1/2 onion, diced 1 clove …

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I
    am inspired by your channel and will share it with all my sisters! The sauces look amazingly delicious. I will try the curry sauce today!
    Look forward to your meal planning video to keep me motivated!

  2. Can you make a video on your cookware? I noticed that you use mostly cast iron and enameled cast iron for cooking. I'm trying to get better, less toxic cookware at this level of adulthood lol and that blender is beautiful!!!

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  4. I can’t wait to try. I never liked white dressing, even before I became vegan. It’s something about cream that never applied to me. But I will try this

  5. I just made the cauliflower Cesar "sauce". It's SO delicious. I want to eat it like a soup, it's thick and creamy. I'm going to double the liquid ingredients to thin it out more to use as a dressing, but a great recipe overall!!!

  6. Love your videos. Excited to try some recipes. My wife and I have a beautiful vegan daughter and she too has supported us in changing our diets to be vastly more plant basedt. FYI – Traditionally Worcestershire sauce has anchovy in it and is not vegan. You are probably using a vegan brand; I know Amys makes one. The truth may be that old fuddy duddies such as myself who primarily used Worcestshire sauce to make Bloody Mary's or douse mediocre flavored steaks aren't aware that everyone knows today you just buy Vegan worcestshire sauce. Again thanks for videos.

  7. I tried the tomatillo salsa — and it is absolutely delish… thank you – I LOVE IT… cannot wait to try the others… I used my Ninja blender and it worked great.. would have used the nutri bullet, but it was too small.. lol..

  8. the tomatillo salsa is exactly how my mom makes it. she has a gas stove so she just puts the jalapeños and tomatillos over the fire but thats also a great technique!! ive been living with a roommate and she only has an electric stove so i havent been able to give them that burnt top. life changing haha thanks!!!

  9. Wow I’m so excited tot ty all of these , I need to make more sauces and this is an amazing inspiration! Can’t wait to try the curry sauce, and that reminds me I need to buy Worcester sauce too ❤️

  10. Great variety of sauces! The cauliflower Ceasar was genius!!! I also love that you didn't make a pesto sauce–I love me some pesto but it feels like every vegan video makes a pesto sauce. Everything looks so colorful and yummy!

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