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Easy Vegan Pho Recipe – just 30 minutes!

Full recipe for my Quick Vegan Pho here: ⇨Or find the recipe in Fuss-Free Vegan cookbook on page 73: …

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  1. Vegan pho (pho chay) actually is a common dish in Vietnam! A large population in Vietnam are vegan or vegetarian. It seems like an odd/untraditional dish in the United States because Vietnamese restaurants here cater to the heavy population of meat eaters who prefer beef pho. I live in an area surrounded by 40+ pho restaurants and only 1 of them serves pho chay!

  2. I'm not a vegan and I don't think I'll ever be but I wan't to reduce the amount of food I eat.
    The problem with that-my gnama is in charge of the kitchen and considers meat to be the base of pretty much any meal.
    The solution: find vegetarian or vegan recepies and proove that you can have a whole meal without meat. (So far I managed with mushrooms and falafel)
    This sound like something maybe a BIT "too asian" for my granparent's taste but I will try it next time I'm making dinner.

  3. I usually get one of those cheap reusable cheesecloth tea bags and I will put coriander seeds, anise, clove, and cinnamon in it, maybe I'm even missing a few . There is only one that goes in true authentic pho I do not know the name of that is too bitter for me it looks a little bit like an unpeeled Brazil nut and yeah it's too intense. Anyway I steep the ingredients i mentioned before into a concentrated tea with broth which I would like make the rest of from scratch out of fresh clean water and anything like dried shiitake, carrots, and Chinese celery. Then my fave herbaceous topping is Thai basil and if I can I like to add as many toppings as possible like perfectly spicy pepper slices, mint, cilantro… anything that's an herb that you can eat on its own. Lime slices for sure. I tend to enjoy pho most when it's either really hot or really cold out and I definitely have always liked it vegan I think it goes good with any taught Tofu or smoked Tofu. I think I like slightly thinner rice noodles most with this dish. & vegan hoisin! Yum omg. Keep it real Sam. Try the tea bag method and the coriander seed. You can always steep it and then put it in a Mason jar with the tea bag still in so that it will keep getting even more flavorful in the fridge overnight. Sometimes Asian markets will have a section where you can either get it in bulk or in bags or food coops usually do too & I mean the spices or herbs or whatever they are. The Vietnamese ones do have kind of a unique flavor. I'm just saying I've found them at Asian markets perfect for pho and for less money.

  4. so many youtubers get vegan pho all wrong, it's super bad. But you got all the correct spices …that makes pho..pho. You should also toast the spices first, that will bring out the aroma even more. great job though!

  5. Ahh this looks like exactly what I've been craving lately! I love getting it at my local Vietnamese restaurant but am excited to give this homemade version a try. Also not to be weird, but isn't it pronounced more like fuh vs. fa?

  6. Sam, you had me rofl at the star 'aniss'. To…may…to, to…marto, right? Don't listen to Google, what does she know? Say anise how you're used to saying it.
    Great recipe, I'll definitely be trying. Tfs

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