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3 delicious and easy vegan pantry pasta recipes! Made with all pantry ingredients but packed with flavor and comfort. FULL RECIPES *Red Lentil Bolognese: …

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  1. The lentil bolognase: NO WAY! The flavor of meat! What!! Now…you remember its not meat w the bite of the lentils lol but the flavor is as if it has tiny ground beef w the lentils 😲😍 anyone try a sauce w just the walnuts then?… Wud b super plant fatty 😂

  2. I made the red lentil bolognese and it was wonderful!! I substituted the walnuts for pecans and brown sugar for the balsamic vinegar since I didn't have them but it was still phenomenal! No leftovers = Winner 🏆

  3. I adore your recipes they are full of flavor!, I enjoy making each dish. Could you please recommend a good balsamic vinegar I should use on the red lentil bolognese. Can’t wait for the next new dish.

  4. I made the first recipe Vegan Red Lentil Bolognese it was sooooooo good oh my god… I was a little skeptical about the lentil bolognese because 1, I used to love beef and pork bolognese. 2, I tried the lentil bolognese before with someone else’s recipe and it was ok. So after that I was using fake meat for it but didn’t feel good using processed food. But THIS one was clean and tasted soo good and satisfied me! IMO not much different from none vegan( pork & beef) bolognese which is awesome!

  5. I make your Red Lentil Bolognese every single week and my family loves it. I even took the bolognese sauce and substituted it for meat sauce in a lasagna recipe and brought it to my family Christmas and everyone LOVED it (even the meat eaters!), they were so impressed it didn't have any meat!! Your channel has changed my life and has made eating plant based so much more easy.

  6. Thank you so much I needed this!! I ended up making the 2nd one but modifying it to what I had and it was delicious thank you so much 🙂 I added celery and carrot to the onion/garlic, also some spinach and garbanzo beans and a little bit of marinara sauce it was great!

  7. Also, I made the mushroom stroganoff and if it tasted too salty would you omit one salt source vs another? There’s tamari, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and miso maybe? I was going to skip all kosher salt and see.

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