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EASY VEGAN MEALS UNDER 20 MINS | 5 Lazy, Quick & Tasty Recipes

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  1. Hi I tried the tamatoe mushroom pasta….yum…i still dont have the flavor for but there is alwats a next time out of the vegan you tubers i follow urs is the recipe i I actualy end up making….cant wait to get ur cookbook

  2. Its pretty. late already so i want something quick for dinner… Really shouldnt watch these videos hungry 😂🙈 I would love that tomate tagliatelle now but i dont have tagliatelle anymore and dont want to run to the store so late either. 😂 But i kinda want it with real tagliatelle and not spaghetti… So that will have to wait till tomorrow

  3. what’s a good substitute for the cream cheese ? in my area vegan cream cheese isn’t really available and if it is it’s super expensive. Also I love your videos and it helps inspire me to cook healthier meals ❤️

  4. Just a quick tip from an italian girl that can DEFINITELY improve your pasta: you can add pasta to the water only after the water boils and you have already made it salty. Pasta over cooks if you cook it in this way, especially tagliatelle and “freshly” made pasta
    By the way, love youuu 💕💕💕

  5. Ok so I basically spent the entire afternoon watching your videos… Bye bye homework, and now I'm hungry. I absolutely love your videos, your recipes and you as a person, thank you for being so inspiring and positive !

  6. Im trying vegan meals cause i wanna go vegan from vegetarian. This week I only cooked vegan meals that I learned from u, the whole fam loved it and asked where I got this ideas from 😁 and they couldnt believe that I cooked vegan the whole week 😅… we loved your chili con protein and the paella! 😋🤩 im currently working on my meal plan for the next week and I will definetly try all of them! And some one pot meals from u. I will use a usual potatoe instead of a sweet one and I maybe wont use nutritional yeast cause I dont know where I can get it yet..🤔 thanks so much for your inspirational and jummy ideas! 😍 by the way: red is so beautiful on you! Looking very pretty in that video. 😊

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