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Need to get back into your meal prep routine? Here’s an easy healthy vegan meal prep for quarantine. Vegan, gluten-free, and pantry-friendly! PRINTABLE …

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  1. Nisha, I love all these hearty bean stew type things, but I can't eat tomatoes because of the acidity. Do you know of anything that can be substituted? In the past, I figured out how to make a pretty convincing beet marinara but I've never tried adding it to a dish like chili that's supposed to use a can of toms.

  2. I have garlic and spicy food sensitivities and can’t eat too many onions or tomatoes because I have reflux so i’m always challenged what to use to season. 😫

  3. So this was my first plant based meal prep, after forgetting multiple ingredients and having to just make things work, 3hrs later I’m super happy with how it tastes! And so excited I stepped out of the box to try this, I’m not a cooker nor have I ever made anything like this, and I was a little lost but it came together in the end, and is super good! Finally a meal prep I’m excited to eat! Thanks so much! I hope to continue to grow my cooking skills with more of your recipes!

  4. If your eyes are burning from the hot peppers, wash your eyes with cow's milk, it will neutralize the cause of the burning. I am pretty sure it has to be real dairy cow's milk.

  5. Yeeeeah!!! I just discovered you! My husband has been told by the doctor he has to go vegan. I check some "vegan" channels but they don't have meals just different combination of vegetables into salads and, I really need to feed him not only nutritious but also tasty meals. Thanks!!! I'm starting this meal prep now!!

  6. I followed your directions today and everything came out so amazing. Thank you for making this so simple for us new Vegans to eat delicious foods. Your an amazing cook and teacher.

  7. Actually when you said something else I immediately remember that I had a hang nail so cutting jalapenos were hell. The pain felt like my fingers were being torn apart. If you have this issue make sure to wear disposable gloves.

  8. if you would like to reduce the amount of plastic waste, try to purchase your fresh veg bulk, chop or dice and freeze them in quantities and then use when needed. 🙂

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