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Hi my friends! Happy 2020! Thank you for being patient while I was away. I have two amazing slow cooker recipes for you guys a lentil bolognese and a cheesy …

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  1. I really like that you offer different suggestions and that you make cooking easier! It's nice that you offer different substitutions and let people know they don't need put in stuff they might not like or have! Subscribing!! 🙂

  2. i think the video is incredible! i would say one thing, for a video that is soy, gluten, nut and oil free, i would of used a natural syrup over a sugar, due to the damaging affects of sugar… i grew up in a multiultural, but mainly british-italian family, and i can promise that that switch will not compromise flavour, and to add that missing flavour of the olive oil, 1 mashed up green olive will cook into it like an anchovie but give that olive seasoning that all authentic sauces have. much love xx

  3. I really do hope your vegan for life because all the dumb excuses I've seen EX-VEGANS give makes no damn sense whatsoever. they usually blame their problems on the vegan diet but then again they really don't know what the vegan diet is because I just follow some other influencer and actually take the real deal amount of time to do their actual research data actually benefit them. It may work for like a few months and then that's when things will start to go downhill and they complain about acne and whatnot, oh my gosh are you freaking kidding me.

  4. I’m sorry, I think it’s important to be kind. But the truth of this recipe is it’s not that good. I try to spice it up. I try to be creative but stick to the recipe in man this is tasteless mush.

  5. Is there an alternative to the tomato paste? I have terrible IBS and the acidity in tomato when it's cooked absolutely kills me and I'm bed ridden for days. Please help!! Just got my own apartment and trying to learn to cook other things!

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