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Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas (Dorm Room Friendly!)

Hey friends! Today I’m partnering with So Delicious to show you three easy, satisfying, and totally tasty breakfast ideas. Full recipes are linked below, or click …

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  1. I was trying to be a vegan then gave up because i sont know how to make vegan meals and then i saw this video and now i think it is easy to be vegan. Thank you!

  2. Girl, get yourself to a Mexican grocery store and get yourself some tamarind! They also usually have some fun imported tropical fruits and other delicious products that maybe you haven't given a try.

  3. thank you for the recipe! i was wondering: is this Granola called Small Batch because you can't store it for long? Can i make a 10x portion at store it over a longer period of time? If not, why?

  4. I’m sorry but I can’t stand oatmilk😔 I tried the yogurt the milk but I just can’t do it. Especially with all they hype I got so excited. I do enjoy it in my coffee tho

  5. I'm sorry, everything she makes looks delicious except that oat milk yogurt, I tried them because I was like "wow that's new, better try it" they're disgusting.

  6. Please pop for a new pan! That’s disgusting caked on burnt residue everywhere! Gross! How much will a new pan with PARCHMENT! Clearly you are not visual! If you were maybe you would care to not look like you just crawled out of bed and did nothing to your face. Sad and you think that’s acceptable. Then do us all a favor like some do… they don’t get on camera, they just highlight the food. A fragrant thought ha?

  7. I love this video!! Well, I love all your videos. This one helped me. I start college on Monday so I’m binge watching videos about vegan college meals & studying tips 😩 but I also have an online class so I started reading for it. I’m nervous, but your video calmed me down because of your voice. Plus I’m excited to take my vegan lunches and snacks to school ☺️

  8. Can’t wait to try the Thai tea overnight oats! I use overnight oats as a meal prep and switch off between spirulina and a golden milk flavor, so this will be a fun variation😊

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