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Easy Vegan BLENDER Recipes | NutriBullet Soup, Vegan Smoothie Bowl & More!

Deliciously easy vegan BLENDER recipes for the new NutriBullet Blender Combo! Not only are these healthy vegan recipes conveniently blend-able, but they’re …

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  1. I read that this blender is not made to blend dry ingredients. Do you think the oats are an exeption?? I also have recipes that call for oats to be blended

  2. Alyssia from your own personal experience, how many Watts would you say a blender needs at minimum to make nut butters? Mine is 1100 Watts but I'm kinda afraid to try and break it. Thanks! Lovely video… As per usual!

  3. me: omg a smoothie bowl without banana (am allergic, love banana)
    recipe: ueses pear
    me also allergic to pear WHY CANT I HAVE NICE THINGS sad allergic noises

    i love your recipes though ty for all your hard work!!

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