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Easy & Tasty Vegan Casseroles (Dump & Bake)

I’ve been OBSESSED with Dump & Bake Casseroles lately, so today I’m sharing 3 of my favorite recipes with you! These fuss-free recipes are pantry-friendly, …

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  1. Wow I wish I saw this video sooner! I've been struggling a little lately with finding motivation to cook (I'm in my senior year of school, applying to internships and working part time) so these simple recipes are wonderful. I just made my own variation on the buffalo cauliflower, I didn't have hot sauce so I just replaced it with a random curry sauce I had and used white rice instead of brown and holy cow what an easy delicious meal. Thank you 💜

  2. Tonight I made the "Cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole With Chickpeas." It was amazing! Next time I will have to double it. I gathered one small container of leftovers for lunch tomorrow but the rest is history!! Thanks for what you do.

  3. LOVE the cheesy broccoli casserole! (Totally surprised at how truly cheesy it tastes, toasting the nutritional yeast is key, I agree). I am new to plant based eating (have been exploring it during the pandemic, lots of time for new recipes!) Really enjoying your channel, thank you!

  4. These are great. I'm currently makimg the broccoli one. I drained the chickpeas but did not rinse them 😶 so some liquid is in the mix. Hoping this will be ok. Cant wait to dig in…. Only half hour longer.

  5. Hi Caitlin. Can I use frozen veggies for your dump and bake casseroles? And, does the finished product freeze well? I live by myself so I was wondering if it would work. BTW, I have been vegan for 20 years. I’m 66 years old.

  6. I’ve made the buffalo cauliflower a few times now and tried it different ways. I like chickpeas better than white beans, and I quarter the amount of hot sauce (whew LoL) and leave out the celery. I shamelessly ate the entire 9×13 myself in like 3 days while on my period. ❤️ Thank you Friend🙌🏼

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