Easy Southern Tuna Macaroni Salad Recipe

Here’s a recipe for one of my favorite summer side dishes, Tuna Macaroni Salad!! This is one of the few ways I’ll eat tuna! Tuna macaroni salad goes great with …

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  1. I used to sleep on this channel.
    I would always see your videos in my recommendations and one day the first video I ever seen was your spicy hot fried chicken I believe, and I was like okay here we go another pretty brown skin girl she talked pretty she's very pretty herself and all her food looks pretty, I was like I'm so not going to take these recipes serious! but I have been getting into learning how to cook more so I got tired of watching the other channels so I said let me give her Channel a chance and when I tell you girl this is one of my favorite food cooking channels on YouTube hands down! yes you are a pretty very with a very pretty cute voice, but you know how to throw down in the kitchen! I tried some of your recipes and girl it almost made me slap my momma!

  2. Although I’m sure your tuna salad is good, I can no longer and will no longer eat tuna. Back in the day during my OB clinicals I helped deliver a baby to a woman who had BV!! Nearly knocked me out of my socks!!! Lol, The only thing worse than a woman with BV is a patient who has C.diff. So sorry Charlie no tuna for me!! You women need to take a hygiene course!!! Some of you are nasty ass mo fo’s!!!!!! WTF Chuck?????

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