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Learn how to make an incredible spicy vegan Mexican soup in just literally minutes! LAY HO MA!! This recipe is going to be a lifesaver for the days where you …

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  1. Lay ho ma! Your videos have a feelgood ambience to them, to point but always with the right amount of detail and your recipes are always delicious looking thanks 😋👍

  2. Nihao Wil,
    I am a Mexican woman living in the UK. I will be making the soup though I will not put in the tin of tomatoes nor the scotch bonnet chiles. I will make a “salcita” with fresh green chiles and

  3. Soy mexicano, and This isnt a mexican soup at all, at least u put habanero and avocado. But that tomatoes looks that work for italian recipes, that aint mexican. And we dont put corn in our soups

  4. Just finished this dish and loved it. I left the hot pepper out so the wife could eat it too and just used my red pepper flakes for the heat. Waiting for supper/dinner time so I can finish off the pot!

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