Easy Honey BBQ Wings Recipe | Appetizers with AB

Easy Honey BBQ Wings Recipe | Appetizers with AB – If you’re looking for a easy Honey BBQ Wing video to follow then look no further! Honey BBQ Wings …

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  1. Mannnnn listen you are the man!! I invited a nice young lady over, i cooked this along with sum asperagus and rice. I don't know if it was the chicken recipe or what but there was alot of round of applause 👏 at the end of the night. Thanks chef!!

  2. I made these wings for my wife and daughter and they loved them. The sauce is, "OFF THE CHAIN" delicious!! Thanks AB for sharing. Peace and love to you and yours ✊🏿

  3. Ok so let me first start out by saying that AB has done it again…. I used this recipe for some guests and everyone was licking their fingers and biting their knuckles. Not a piece of chicken left…. His method of cooking the chicken is brilliant and the sauce is not only good for the chicken. I used it for other stuff too. All I can say is "You did it again, AB." You've got me looking like a professional to my friends and family. You truly simplify difficult dishes. I'm already scheming on another one of your recipes. Thanks a million.

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