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Easy Healthy Recipes | What I Eat To Get Fit

What’s cooking good looking? Summer is RIGHT around the corner and I’ve partnered with Lifesum to show you guys my favorite healthy recipes. Try Lifesum …

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  1. Ahh! My first cooking video! Can you believe it? Today I show you my go to recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you guys would like more cooking videos, let me know! 😀

  2. I tried every single diet on the internet and even if I managed to lose few pounds of fat, they would get back as soon as I'm done with diet. I realised that meal plan from NextLevelDiet is the only diet I could follow forever. It's really sustainable and easy to follow.

  3. I tried Lifesum and I love the way it looks and how easy it is to use but it actually counted my calories completely wrong. It was always off by 40-60 calories per loged food. I know it doesn't sound that bad but it kinda is when you're trying to lose or even gain weight. I also tried Myfitnesspal after that and it's accurrate to the calorie lol. It also shows you a lot more nutrition information without having to pay for the premium version.

  4. A new fan of yours recently. Loving almost everything you do. Today, I came acrossed this video since I'm coincidentally trying to lose some pounds. The recipes did really helped tho but i was wondering..for your own opinion, me as a student with no income whatsoever.. What type of healthy meal i can prepare for myself without having to lack on important nutrient in foods?? Thank you in advance! Love, Kammy 🖤

  5. Your cooking videos are so fun and easy to watch from the pretty lighting and radiating personality! Was already a fan from your fashion blog. The simplicity and healthiness of your recipes has me sold since time is a challenge.

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