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Hey guys! Today I’m sharing with you some more easy healthy packed lunch ideas for school or work! These recipes are all very simple, easy and healthy – and …

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  1. Another yummy thing to eat is tuna pasta

    Take cooked pasta and put some Mayo in it, seasoning salt, peas (optional) and tuna! It’s yummy

    (Idk if it’s healthy tho ;-;)

  2. Thank you, going to 3rd level college this month to study games design and animation, this will be great to try the night before to bring with me to save a fortune 🙂

  3. So many "Italians" in the comments criticizing how she cooked the pasta….get over yourselves, you don't get a bunch of Irish people complaining on every potato recipe!

  4. Omg thank you sooooo much!! Today I had school and I had no idea what to make because I’m trying to get thinner and you totally helped me!! The pasta was sooo yummy 😋😋💗

  5. I had to mute at 3:40… you said tomato over & over & over & over again then pasta too.
    I lay the tomato down, then cover them (instead of tomato again) with spinach. Keeps the bread from getting soggy. (We know from the tomatoes.

    It may just be me… but I felt like you thought we're too dumb to know what you were talking about…

    But what I saw was great!

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