Easy Greek Salad Recipe

This quick, easy, and DELICIOUS Greek salad is chock full of cucumber, tomatoes, feta, and Kalamata olives all brought together with a tangy lemon herb …

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  1. What can i say at first i was happy to see greek salad from a different country. But seeing later the wrong way for preparing. You see it was a nice try. And thanks for sharing. But a few tips from a greek: we spray water a little the tomatoes, take out cucumbers skin, put at last oregano on top above of the feta and we don t put lemon. Never. But instead after olive oil we combine it with vinegar. Never squeeze with hands. Only big spoons we use. And serve it with soft xoriatiko bread.

  2. And I love calamata olives too
    But usually in my country they use small olives in Greek salad ( I don’t know what its name ) and I always think that kind of olives is perfect for pizza and salads because of its light flavor

  3. Greek here and living in Greece. I have to say I have never seen anybody here add vinegar and lemon juice to their χωριάτικη σαλάτα (Greek salad). Certainly no honey/mustard!! Salt, oregano and olive oil straight into the bowl and mix. That's all. But of course everyone has their personal taste. <3

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