Easy Cucumber Salad

This refreshing, crunchy cucumber salad with pickled onions, fresh dill, and mint has just the right hint of sweetness and tang to make it the perfect side dish!

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  1. Wow it amazing and great salad cucumber
    I can try it
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  2. These were delicious.   I didn't have any fresh dill so I poured in some dill juice from a jar a pickles.  Also, I don't really care for the seeds so I cut the cucumbers in half, and then spooned out all the seeds before slicing.

  3. Wow! Love this recipe! I will use cucumbers out of my garden. I have heirloom Armenian cucumbers and the herbs from my herb garden! Thanks for sharing. Also thanks for easy direction for recipes! Take care .

  4. Too bad dill and mint are hard to source in this tropical country I call home (and this quarantine makes it worse), bec I really want to make this version, I just wanna cry

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