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EASY and QUICK Vegan Dinner Meals | The Edgy Veg

Hey guys, for today’s video I thought I would share some of my favourite easy vegan recipes to make your dinners delicious and vegan all under 15 minutes.

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  1. I love quesadillas 😊 I’ve made my childhood favourite meals vegan. Such as tuna patties, (using the tuno brand) potato pancakes (with egg replacer) and roast chicken (using seitan).

  2. I like the advice to stick to veganizing familiar foods when you first switch to veganism. I will say the longer one is vegan though the more your taste buds will change. I’ve grown to like many more veggies etc. but still have other things I will likely never like, such as cilantro. I always encourage people to experiment, variety is important and there’s no harm, if you hate it just chuck it and you learn from it.

  3. How do you stay slim & fit ? I Think you have said you have had a history with body image issues and an eating disorder, so how do you manage to stay SO skinny while having a career centered around eating and quite often eating not-so-healthy vegan junk
    foods as well as binge eating for the challenges you do… please explain

  4. Hey! I was hoping you could help me out! So I was allergic to dairy and eggs before going vegan(I used to eat butter though) but I’m also allergic to gluten AND soy!!!! Ugh it sucks because soy protein isn’t going to work. I don’t want to use protein powder because I’m scared of the chemicals lol. So for a little bit I’ve been binge eating chips and hummus, but I’m really trying to find different forms of protein. Thanks! (Not really related to the video, but idk where else to put it)

  5. I made the spaghetti sauce with gardein beefless crumbles (having used many brands..gardein is absolutely the best and its
    Gluten free..yay) and it was absolutely delicious. Thanks. You are superb.

  6. I think it's cool that you're so down to earth.On your next Q&A could you share your views on religion? In one of your previous videos you said you grew up as a Seventh day Adventist.That made me curious what was it like growing up as a Adventist and how did it affect you as a person and your overall view of religion? I would be interested in seeing discuss that if you're comfortable doing so. The food looks great btw,thanks for sharing!

  7. THIS is important ! I can’t think of anyone who does these types of videos so I’m telling u. I just watched a guy who made “chicken” out of grapefruit pith?!? I need you to try it & tell me he’s a dirty liar ! Lol I don’t believe it’s good. It’s can’t be right? I mean I would expect YOU to season it more than he did but still! 😩😳🤔 just search “making chicken from grapefruit peels” it’s a bald guy. My friend tagged me on fb. Thank you in advance 💜🙏🏾💪🏾

  8. Yah go vegan! Destroying forests to plant monocrops and shipping fruit halfway across the world, vegan! Shitting 5 times a day, never feeling truly sasiated and always feeling tired but ooops! I lost my period and my hormones are all fucked up, but don't worry that's just my body detoxing…

  9. vegan is good. cruel free and you feel better. i never like meat and never will. vegan is the future. soon we stop killing animals for food and eat naturally like we should.

  10. I’ve never made a peanut sauce so I’m psyched to try yours, might use the sun butter I have on hand. Also excited to try your mushroom quesadilla. I like these easy recipes. Wish I had an easy vegan pho recipe, or some sort of nourish bowl formula

  11. Excellent recipe's and video. Easy and quick is what you need when you can't be bothered to be in the kitchen too long after work. I prefer beans or legumes when making spaghetti bolognese and will use canned beans to make it quick and red lentils take about 10 minutes to cook.

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