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EASY 1 PERSON MEAL IDEAS | 7 Healthy Recipes from Trader Joe's | 2020

Finally showing you more of my favorite healthy meal ideas when cooking for 1 person! Today we’ve got 7 recipes: my favorite chili balsamic avocado toast, …

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  1. Just went to Trader Joe's and got all these ingredients for the week. I just tried the quinoa, kale, and sweet potato and it was DELICIOUS!! So excited to try the rest of them!

  2. Try topping avocado toast with some arugula lightly coated with Trader Joe's garlic olive oil and a dash of sea salt. I also use this on sandwiches and avocado halves that I marinate in lime juice with salt and pepper, pizza you name it!

  3. I love you babe . I love the other dishes you made. I was so excited for part 2 . I made your chili from the last video and it was a hit at my house ! I can’t wait to make these Brussel sprouts!😍

  4. never eaten an entire bag of shaved brussel sprouts IN MY LIFE…..until last night when I made those looool I added some sriracha and grated parm and it was AMAZING!!!

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