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DUMP AND GO Instant Pot Recipes | easy vegan instant pot meals

Dump and Go Instant Pot recipes that are perfect for lazy days, busy weeknights, or whenever you want a hearty, wholesome meal with minimal effort. All recipes …

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  1. Just wanted to stop in and tell you that your Thai Red Curry soup is now my husbands absolute favorite dinner 🙂 thank you for sharing such wonderful and nourishing recipes 🙂

  2. i seriously don't understand why people waste their valuable time to come to vegan channels to give a thumb down. don't they have something better to do than let their hate take over their lives? are their lives that miserable? seriously. be kind people. it goes a long way. if you don't like vegan food channels, why click on it in the first place? no one is forcing it on you.

  3. Looks marvelous. Will try it this week.
    What are your thoughts on RAW vegan to get more nutrients? Have any raw vegan recipes that don't taste like “rabbit food”? (I've never asked a rabbit how they feel about their cuisine.)

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