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DIY Organic Aloe Vera Gel | Use WITH My Hand Sanitizer Video (link in description)

IMPORTANT – This video only shows you how to make aloe vera gel. This CAN be used to to make hand sanitizer but it is not hand sanitizer by itself. Follow this …

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  1. Those look great. I need some of your leafs. I can’t seem to find them in Any grocery stores. Would you know where I may find some aloe Vera in the Augusta, Ga and North Augusta area?

  2. This is a great video. I would point out that for best results (I am in the botanical extract industry), I would recommend a cosmeceutical grade aloe like the 10X-D products. It is specific to skincare and will provide better hydration that is lost from the alcohol.

  3. Mam thank you for the good information. but only thing is that the background music that you have added to the video is very much irritating please try to avoid such loud music in videos that you make in future

  4. Great video. I have a question. Does increasing the Xantham gum used make the mixture thicker? If so, is there a maximum amount of Xantham gum to use as a thickening agent?

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