DIY Halloween Pinterest Desserts

Are you one of those “I can’t bake anything” type of people? Well I got you covered with these Pinspired, really ridiculously simple, anyone yes really anyone can …

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  1. Another idea
    Ghost lollipops, get tissue paper, a sharpie some little clear bands and your lollipops
    Put a tissue over the lowly pop and tie it at the bottom get a sharpie and draw a face
    You can also hand them up

  2. Perfect I was looking for easy treats for my party your ideas are amazing thanks for the inspiration especially the marshmallow brownies all the boys in the family love marshmallow s and brownies so I will definitely be making them happy Halloween ! ☺️

  3. People really need to get a grip on the swearing/cussing. It's a fraction of a second and it's hardly noticeable! (I only knew it was there because I read the comments, then went back to listen out for it). Time for a lot of you to grow up, there's plenty worse out there!

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