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DIY Chipotle Burrito Bowl | HEALTHY LUNCH IDEAS

Today, I’ll show you how to make Chipotle’s burrito bowls at home. This is an easy and delicious recipe that is perfect for make ahead lunches for work or school.

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  1. (Putting this ingredients list for myself when I'm cooking, cause sometimes I forget)
    Rice: – Any rice
    – Bay Leaves
    – Sea Salt
    Mix these in later after leaving the rice to cool down a bit:
    – Cilantro
    – Lemon Juice
    – Lime Juice
    Beans: – Any beans
    – Garlic
    – Oregano
    – Cumin
    – Chipotle Pepper
    – Salt
    Combine all ingredients in small pot, and cook over medium heat.
    Veggies: – Colorful bell peppers
    – Red Onion
    – Oregano
    – Grapeseed oil/any oil
    – Salt & Pepper
    – A bit of red pepper flakes
    Heat oil in skillet, and cook onions for 2-3 minutes, then add in everything else.
    Put everything together and add additional desired toppings.

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