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Dinner Recipes | Homemade Shepherds Pie – easy recipe with tasty beef & chicken – I Heart Recipes

Need more dinner recipes? Try my Shepherds Pie Recipe for Dinner! This shepherds pie is one of my favorite dinner recipes , especially during the cold winter …

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  1. I knew to your Channel I am a man I took the shepherd's pie recipe, put it together I only change one thing I use instant potatoes but still use sour cream just for the time Factor. And I didn't use chicken I'll try that next time. This is what single dads with two children do time is everything great recipe love it

  2. Rosie,  Please dot take this wrong but I have cooked a long time.  Everything you did in this recipe was nice, except your potatoes they were very runny.  Making this more like a Shepard's pie soup.  Russet potato's have just the right amount of starch to make sort of a thickening agent. I have made this for a long time and the potatoes as well as gravy under the potatoes adds an extra finish to this.  Once again I am sorry for the critique, but if you try you possibly may see a difference.Raymond

  3. Hey Rosie!!!!! Don't cut me girl, I know it's been a long time since you've heard from me!!! Your original shepherds pie was a hit with my family and I still make til this day!! I will definitely try this recipe, thanks for sharing!!!!!

  4. can you please share more Dutch oven recipes? my fiancé brought me.one for Christmas and I have yet to use it. this will be my first recipe to use in my Dutch oven. thanks in advance 😉

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