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Digestion Update | 2 Months Dairy & Gluten Free | My Honest Thoughts

8-Week Fitness Guide: Thank you guys for taking an interest in this guide/program, so excited to do this with you & help …

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  1. I’ve been experiencing all these same symptoms for decades and it progressively got bad enough that I finally did something about it… again. First time was 8 years ago and the clinic I went to would refer me to get blood work done which would come back great. Did a breath test for celiac and it was negative. I was put on antibiotics and told I had a virus in my gut. I went on a gluten free diet anyways and cut out processed foods and ended up losing 10lbs. I couldn’t keep it up. Loved food too much. I’d tear up at the scent of fresh baked bread. Slowly reintroduced it to my diet and I was fine again. My gut health went back to normal. The past few years cohabitating with my partner I began eating foods he craved (compromising) and it got bad again. My allergies were also on an all time high so I finally got referred to a specialist since it was on my mind to finally get done since I sneeze all throughout the year for reasons unknown. My colleague went and saw a Dr she liked so I asked to be referred to the same. He did a skin test and found I was allergic to not only wheat, rye and dairy but beef, pork, egg, chocolate, coffee, tea, orange, tomato, shellfish, dust, mould, all seasonal allergies… the list goes on. It’s so crazy that I’m getting a second opinion to be sure. But I’m on week 2 of eating wheat, egg and dairy free, sticking to just chicken, lamb and fish as my main proteins along with white rice and veggies… I look like I’ve lost 10 lbs but it was all bloating/swelling! My parents are both from a remote village where our ancestry spans generations and I’m beginning to see a correlation of foods that make me feel good and what my ancestors would’ve been eating for centuries.
    GET ALLERGY TESTED! That’s my main preach I’m telling people with digestive issues aside from IBS. I’m very regular normally (1-2 times a day min.) and wished I’d have educated myself sooner. All those evenings after dinner curled up on the sofa with no energy and soreness, foggy minded… Such a relief in my current condition.

  2. I have many digestif problems , i'm soooo sick i can't even breath normally ,gazs , blothing.. i hate what my life is now i 'm bored with medicine and doctors
    I hope ur video helps me to passe this and have better health and life 😊

  3. I am 19 years old and until about 3 weeks ago i was normally eating gluten. The reason why i did was because i was literally bloated 24/7. Also i discovered that i had anemia witch is a disease caused by a lack of iron. Did my research and find out that anemia and gluten allergies or intolerances can be linked.
    Let me tell you i am 3 weeks gluten free and i have slimed down soooo much. I don’t understand it myself. In the morning i am jot bloated, my waist is so thinner. I find it just ridiculous. For the longest time i was wanting to loose weight and i never could no matter how determined i was. Suddenly i stop eating gluten and bam 💥 i dont weight myself but i can 1000948483% see that i lost weight or at least de bloated. I am sooo happy 😃
    Really if you are bloated 24/7, are tired almost all the time especially after eating, have anemia there is a lot of chances you can have an intolerence or be alergic to gluten. Good luck everybody I know it is hard to figure it out. It took me almost 5 years 🙂

  4. Thus is what I'm trying to I realise I feel heavy, bloated, gassy and I feel my skin breaks out. So I'm trying to do a dairy and gluten free diet. I gradually stopped having. Dairy as much. Almonds are full of vitamin d.

  5. I'm just now starting to cut out dairy and gluten as per suggestion from my mom… This is my first day starting, so, I've been looking for recipes and found this video.

    My mom suggested I try this, though, because apparently it helps with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) as well as just digestive issues I've been dealing with for over a year now…

  6. This may seem crazy. But I was actually happy when My DNA test showed that I have a risk for Celiac disease. Finally my wife has to listen to me on the diet. I like meat, veggies, root veggies, and fruits. I only eat the other stuff because it’s what is made for me. Every time I say something I am told ai am just being picky.

  7. I highly recommend to read Medical medium Anthony Williams book Cleanse to heal. It is amazing book goes in a details and you will receive answers! I have healed my joints within 2 months since I changed my eating. No eggs,dairy and gluten!

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