Vegan Recipes

DELICIOUS 5-INGREDIENT VEGAN RECIPES (that aren't basic or boring)!

Enjoy these EASY AND DELICIOUS 5-INGREDIENT VEGAN RECIPES! Full recipes: *If you …

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  1. I would call these: weekday lifesavers. Thank you very much for these recipes. Keep these meal prep meals coming, they are excellent. Ever since I discovered meal prep, I have not feel the need to order take out. It is so much healthy and overall, I always have something to eat.

  2. Quinoa-stuffed sweet potatoes! I pop a sweet potato in the air fryer or oven until it softens, stuff it with some quinoa, and drizzle a vegan chipotle mayo on top! Delicious and so easy.

  3. Discovered your channel last night and just made the buffalo quesadillas…..holy moly its amazing!! you can also use the filling as it's own kind of buffalo hummus and dip with pita. totally making again!!

  4. Wow!!!!!!😍😍 I feel so blessed to have found your channel! I was starting to think that switching to vegan was going to mean the end of yummy food. What was I thinking!? 🤦‍♀️ I am soooo ready for this now!

  5. I tried all three recipes this week and they were excellent! My husband and I are new to being plant-based, so trying new recipes and adding new stuff to the repertoire is important. I highly recommend these recipes and they were super easy to make!

  6. Omg, I am just obsessed with your channel! Got your Vegan instant pot cookbook yesterday and ready to try all your recipes! Thank you for making such beautiful content! You are really a pleasure to watch! xxx

  7. Hi! I love your channel! Are some of the recipes you post on YouTube in your cookbook? I plan on buying it anyways! I can't wait to get on my on and start making these wonderful recipes! As a former elite athlete, I've tried so many diets and ways of eating because of inflammation and digestive issues over the past four years. I plan to go fully vegan when I start my job and move out!

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