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Today I’m showing you how to make the BEST EVER crunchy granola that just so happens to be vegan, gluten-free, and healthy! This recipe is super …

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  1. I Just made this and its AMAZING!!! 🙂 my family devoured it before we even got a change to put it in a bottle LOL oh well, I guess ill just have to make more!!

  2. As a med student. Please dont just use pink himalayan salt. Especially if you dont eat bread which usually is iodonized. Make sure you get your iodine in. You have no idea how many “healthy” people we get who have thyroid problems because they only eat “natural” salts. The cure? Just use iodinized salt

  3. @Caitlin Shoemaker omg it’s the best granola ever and I did two different ones, the first one I used the tahini instead of nut butter and honey instead of maple syrup and it was so crunchy and it held together in chunks it was so yummy 😍 and the second one I used maple syrup but it wasn’t as crunchy and it didn’t hold together as the first recipe! But regardless it’s still the best easy granola and thanks 😊

  4. I understand that every one has different preferences when it comes to their diet, but it's absolutely not true that oil doesn't have any nutrients. For example flax seed oil has a ton of omega 3 and I try to have a table spoon daily. So different oild definitely have different benefits.

  5. I just made your recipe but unfortunately I think I put the rack too low cause they burnt but that’s my fault. I’m also wondering if it’s because I used raw honey instead of maple?Other than that my house smells amaze balls and I’ll definitely be making them again. Probably in the next couple of days since I burnt them lol.

  6. Curious. Since tahini is made by adding an oil to the toasted sesame seeds via a food processor, isn't that just adding oil to the recipe via third party? I only mention this because most seed/nut butters have added oil as there is rarely enough oil in the seed/nut to produce butter consistency. As I eliminate items from my carnivore world, I find issues of this nature confounding. Even said, I am still doing this exact granola later today. Simple, dirties only one dish and the sheet pan…and gets rid of all those partial bags of nuts and seeds and dried fruit.

  7. This granola is amazing!! I made it today and all of my family loved it. It has the perfect amount of sweetness 🙂 It's way better (and healthier) than the store bought ones. I'll make it more times for sure! Thank you!!

  8. I made this a few days ago & its sooo yummy! I love the addition of chocolate chips at the end! Thanks Caitlin! I’m going to try the chocolate hazelnut granola next! 😊

  9. Caitlin, this recipe is just amazing! I've made it for the 4th time today and it turns out delicious every time.
    Besides the ingredients in your recipe, I added kasha (roasted buckwheat), hemp seeds, pumpkin pie spice and used cashew butter this time. Of course, chocolate chips to finalize 🙂 Needless to say, it's heaven in my mouth. Thanks so much for your great recipes! ❤

  10. Caitlin, this recipe is awesome!
    I made it 2 weeks ago with peanut butter, loved it, made again last week with cashew butter and chocolate chips. OMG, I almost ate the whole batch at once. So good, so versatile, so easy. I LOVE it, thank you so much!

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