A quick and easy, meal prep friendly recipe for some crispy potato spinach balls! Super easy and healthy vegan appetizer recipe! FULL RECIPE: …

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  1. Okay GUYS. I make this recipe (modified a little bit) every single week for dinner for my boyfriend and I. And I HIGHLY recommend making a cheese sauce to pour over the potato balls. I save a little bit of the Potato/bean mixture and I blend it up with some non dairy milk and heat it up on the stove. Sometimes I add a little bit of daiya cheddar cheese and jalapeños to it. It makes this amazing recipe even better!! Thank you Maddie for giving me a staple recipe in my house to make! It’s my favorite meal 🙂

  2. Potatoes are a high carb starch and not truly a keto friendly item is it? I thought keto was not only gluten free but low in empty carb, sugar and starch. New to keto so now even more confused.

  3. Would you recommend the $200ish Vitamix from Costco opposed to the more expensive ones?

    Also I shouldn't be watching these recipes at midnight I'm getting hungraayyy lol

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