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COZY VEGAN SOUP RECIPES | easy Instant Pot soups

Soup season is upon us, so here are some Instant Pot Fall Soups! I hope you enjoy the video and try out these cozy vegan soup recipes 🙂 RECIPE #1 PUMPKIN …

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  1. Have tried both of these soups and they are both absolutely amazing 😍🥰💕
    By the way, you have transformed my husband into a vegan! Something I have been trying to do for many many months now 😂
    He found your channel and we have been hammering out your recipes almost daily!!
    You are amazing! ❤ keep up the good work and thank you so much!!!

  2. PS Nisha, aside from your lovely personality, yummy recipes, & great sense of humor, I need to tell you that you look stunning in that sunny golden ☀️ blouse. I don’t typically comment on women’s appearances bc it’s so stereotypical (as if our beauty is all we’re about) but I couldn’t resist bc that color on you really took my breath away.🤗Be well!

  3. Nisha, at around 2:25 you say to perform a quick pressure release on the pumpkin lasagna noodle soup. I saw somewhere that you should never do a quick release on soups for safety reasons & to always let them do a natural pressure release. So is that info wrong or only applicable in certain situations? TIA for clarifying.

    I wanted again to tell you I love your channel, your recipes, and your great sense of humor. Thanks for being who you are. You make the world a better place in more ways than one.🌀

  4. Found your channel while looking for recipes during the quarantine situation. You have such a calm, peaceful vibe and everything you make looks awesome! I’ll be making the pumpkin soup for lunch today 😋 thank you for all the great recipes!

  5. Can I use sweet potatoe or any other alternative instead of the pumpkin ? I know is a pumpkin soup but I have allergies and really want to make this soup because I love the other ingredients . Thanks

  6. Many wonderful looking soups, but oil is in almost all of her recipes. Wonder how it would be without the oil. In her book, many recipes first ingredient is oil. Saute in water?

  7. i enjoy your videos immensely, thank you! i have diabetes 2 so i have to have very low carb and was wondering if you could do some meals that are low gylcemic friendly? really love the lasagna pumpkin meal. looks so yummy!

  8. Your recipes look amazing. I ordered your book and am trying your Pho and Black Beluga lentil recipes tomorrow. I would LOVE more Indian recipes (the spicier the better) as Indian food is my favorite. I find that spicy food really helps me stay committed to a whole food plant based lifestyle (I also don't use oil, so will just omit it from your recipes). THANK YOU so much for your beautiful blog and recipes!

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