Serve ” WALDORF SALAD” as a scrumptious appetizer or a light meal. This apple, celery & walnut, dressed in mayonnaise, dish was first presented at the New …

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  1. One of the best — and I add cubed turkey and make it a meal !! Go to the deli & have them cut you a “chunk” of roasted turkey , thick enough to cube. And a good sub for straight mayo , the tangy zip of Miracle Whip ! 🤣🤣🤣

  2. I like this version of Waldolf salad, because it is comfortably just like the original. (celery, apples, grapes, raisins, chopped walnuts, mayonnaise, or vanilla flavored yogurt) But I don't put salt and pepper in mine. But I just wanted to compliment you, because I watched a chef's video of Waldolf salad, before yours, and it was scary! This guy really acted like he thought he was right about everything, and he actually altered the original recipe, to customize it, passing it off as though it was the ONLY way to do it! Boy, the "professional" chefs must really let it go to their heads, when they think they can reinvent recipes, and be arrogent about it.
    Miss Deronda, I do use a little bit more mayonnaise, or substitute vanilla yogurt than you do though, because I like it more moist.
    But I'm still basicly on your side, in agreement with how you do it. You and I were taught old-school right. ☺

  3. Waldorf Astoria use Granny Smith apples. Pecans are a fine substitute according to a chef at Waldorf Astoria Hotel. They actually use a combination of yoghurt and sour cream now. I want some of this now. Great served with pork chops or pan fried chicken.

  4. Your recipe, albeit fine, is not so classic. I think that the original Waldorf-Astoria salad used celery root, not celery stalks. And that makes some difference, don't you think? Besides, the celery and apples should rather be julienned, although some people might prefer the texture of cubed fruit.

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