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Chocolate Mini Cakes Recipe (Vegan)

This recipe is from Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget! Grab the recipe and your copy of the book below! Amazon US: Amazon CA: …

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  1. Every single recipe I try from your channel is delicious without fail. Do you sell your book at Barnes and noble? I really want to buy it not only to support you, but to also have full access to all these delicious recipes 😋

  2. Can't wait to try this one! Eid is 4 days. Also, is there a digital version of your cookbook? I would love to purchase it but physical books cost a little more & the shipping to Saudi Arabia is almost 15$ which is crazy lol. Thanks Liv, all of your recipes are delicious!

  3. I’ve been on quarantine for more than a month now. Last evening I was craving for chocolate cake and came across this video. Decided to give it a shot. IT TASTES SOOOO YUMMY 😍 I totally recommend keeping it in the refrigerator for sometime and then having it. Tastes even better. ❤️

  4. Why is vegan food the most delicious and best kind of food in the universe? Just bought your book today ❤️ thank you so much Liv for getting me into this lifestyle and being such an amazing world wide inspiration! ❤️

  5. Made these today and they are delicious!!
    Also heads up! Gateway in Dartmouth has been doing $100 cartloads and tomorrow it's 100% vegan! It has a bunch of produce and lots of mock meats for $100 taxes in, I can't wait to pick mine up and I totally think you'd be into it! You pay by card from the parking lot and they just put it in your trunk!

  6. I just did these this afternoon and it was amazing! One of the best chocolate cakes I’ve tried. My dad got a bit mad when I told him it was vegan but he loved it after trying it

  7. Love your cookbook! I haven’t tried this recipe yet because I don’t have ramekins or cocoa powder but soon when I get those, I definitely will. I’ve been obsessed with your chocolate chip cookie recipe!!

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