Chickpea Salad Recipe – vegan recipe channel

Welcome to our vegan recipe channel friends, this Chickpea Salad Recipe is one of my favorite all time vegan recipes. When I making this recipe I was still into …

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  1. Bruhhhh😂😂😂? Even my 5 years old sister knows about this recipe like bruh we make it every fucking week how did you got these much likes for this…..well no hate but i m shocked😂👍🏻

  2. I’ll certainly try this very soon . Summer coming up here in Australia 🇦🇺 soon ..It’s Springtime now so thanks so much for this recipe 👍 Im not keen on chillie though so I’ll be leaving that one out . ps I use Herbamere Salt so that’ll add to the nice flavour as well . It’s not being sold now in our Supermarkets here so now I have to get it online . I’m 60 years old and my mother used to use it in the 1970’s ! I love it for adding herbal flavour in my cooking.

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