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Chicken Tikka Masala/ Chicken Tikka Gravy

ChickenTikkaMasala chicken Tikka Masala Ingredients Boneless chicken – 300 grams Curd – 2 tbl spoon Kashmiri chilli powder – 1 teaspoon (for colour) Red …

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  1. Hey guys
    Need your help
    I have a doubt, ingredient measurements in the description box for masalas are different from what’s he/she is adding in the video ?? I’m a bit confused
    Pls help
    Which one is correct

  2. Really awesome recipe 🔥🔥
    Just one addition to the recipe smoke your chicken using coal after marination for 30 min and you will get great smoky taste just like restaurant chicken tikka .

  3. Woow ….. amazing taste …I did today everyone loved this recipe …. initially I didn't believe that it will be good bcz I was disappointed with other channels tasteless dishes and built up was too high for their dishes ur channel is very genuine 👍❣️

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