CHICKEN SALAD | Easy Chicken Salad Recipe | Self Quarantine Cooking

Today I am making a savory chicken salad using reserved chicken from my whole chicken Instant pot recipe. This is the second meal that I have created using …

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  1. I love chicken salad on croissants!πŸ₯ Craving it now.
    Need to go to Sam's Club asap to get my usual rotisserie chicken, croissants, and celery.
    So easy to make, I just slice the croissants in half and toast it up a little, mix the ingredients with Hellman's, and serve with a pickle spear and potato chips. My fave lunch to make if I had to go to work. Thanks for the video!

  2. If you have bread or croissants that's gone stale in your fridge, you can toast them in a pan until crispy and it's heaven almost as better as newly baked if not better. Also a good tip, if you have leftover baked goods, don't put them in the fridge. Put them in the freezer and it'll be as good as fresh when you take them out πŸ‘Œ

  3. This looks delicious, can't wait to make it. Perfect for the upcoming summer, with lemonade, and watermelon. Yum, yum,..I love your videos, you have great meal recipes….

  4. You inspired me to use up the last of my lemon-pepper roasted chicken……..I cut all the meat off the bones. I like to mix my mayonnaise with some sour creme, lemon juice and add my seasonings ( more lemon pepper, minced dried onion, garlic and onion powder, dried mustard, dill weed, tumeric and black pepper). In addition to the veggies, I added fresh cilantro (that's what I had) instead of parsley…….I also add chopped pecans…….delish !

  5. Ooo! I saw you use that HEB mayo! I love to use it in my potato salad, chicken salad, and tuna salad! It's okay on sandwhiches. It has a bit of a tart type of flavor that i love when making any kind of "salad" . Yummy stuff!!!

  6. If you are using raw chicken breast… cut INTO 4 to 5 pieces…. use zesty Italian dressing dry preferably mixed with wine vinegar water enough to cover chicken… 24 hrs… bake 350.. 40 min … let cool …. follow the lady in the videos direction….. the Italian dressing…. will give it that extra touch…. if CHICKEN IS already cooked FOLLOW her directions…… side note…. I love AND prefer chicken thighs MORE FLAVOR……. BUT THE BREAST IS BEST FOR CHICKEN SALAD

  7. I found you today while looking for easy inexpensive meals and I want to thank you. I just subscribed. Keep them coming πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

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