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Cheap, Quick and Easy Shoyu Ramen Recipe

Today we’re revisiting the most popular video on this channel and making a cheaper, quicker, easier version of a shoyu ramen. This is probably the easiest …

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  1. No need to poke a hole in your egg. If your eggs are cold from the fridge, put them in the water before it boils. If your egg is room temperature, put them in when the water boils

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  3. Lard/fat is flavor. You don’t have to eat it but do want what your wasting to have flavor? All your spices you put on such as meat well that what is holding those herbs and spices in. 🥴

  4. I have such bad access to most of the ingredients in many recepies, I would have to travel by car/buss over an hour to even have a change to get sake or bonito. Had to travel two hours to get some udon noodles.

  5. So i tried this myself which cost me maybe about 6-7€ but the ingredients are sufficient for at least 4-5 portions so it is super cheap and especially good for the poor students among us. You should be able to get everything you need in any bigger supermarket or grocerystore likr tesco`s,lidl,aldi,edeka,asda and so on. I even made the egg which is imo a nice visual and tasteful addition if its still a bit runny. Mine turned out a bit salty so i recommend using a bit less shoyu or a bit more sugar. You can also add some other greens like cilantro (if u like it) and thin sliced beef.
    As for taste its for me a 5/10 if you compare it with proper ramen but if you take its simplicity into account its a solid 7/10 and deffo much better than the instant ramen you can buy in most of europe. Also it looks quite appealing if you decorate it carefully

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