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Budget-Friendly Meal Prep For Your Week (Gluten & Dairy Free) // Simply Taralynn

Hi, Everyone! Welcome to my channel. Today, I’m sharing an easy meal-prep tutorial for a gluten and dairy free week. It contains moderate carbs, and is totally …

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  1. The breakfast looks so yummy! But I literally can only eat two pancakes and maybe one of those egg muffins and MAYBE the strawberry. 3 pancakes and 2 egg muffins would be too much for me. I am going to try to slash all the recipes in half for sure! Great video

  2. thank you for sharing! I've known about my Celiac for 24 yrs, for the first maybe 10 yrs I did meal planning… prep & now I'm 52 yrs old, I went thru 'the change' LOL I am so lazy w it! UGH! so I'm hoping ur post will give me some motivation! pls keep sharing : )

  3. Love your protein pancake recipe! We have a cooking show for kids with food allergies (particularly gluten, dairy, and nuts) and are always looking for great recipes to make for our viewers. We will definitely be trying this one. Thanks!!

  4. Made the carrots, chicken, sauce for noodles (used some mushrooms in place of some of the peppers; subbed in zucchini noodles because we don't care for spaghetti squash), and this morning made the protein pancakes. The pancakes are amazing! 🙌🏽👍🏽 Thank you!!

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