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Breakfast Ideas 2 – With Potatoes – Breakfast Potato Recipes – Simple Breakfast Potatoes Recipes

When you need some breakfast Ideas here is the inspiration, try one of these easy breakfast Idea recipes and these Easy breakfast Recipes can still be healthy …

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  1. ChefBhai!What makes you a great chef and a great man is that you listen to your viewers/fans.Anyone who has been following you for a while will know what I am talking about.A Great,Big,Humongous THANK YOU from all of us!

  2. I liked the Egg potato's breakfast …very very much it's interesting , remaining breakfasts I have tasted ….but egg potatoes one…. I will taste today…..Thank you Vahchef.

  3. these all look great!
    i'm allergic to egg and dairy (so i became vegan)…when i make the fried rice, i will substitute the egg with tofu (and a little nutritional yeast) and omit the butter.
    is there a way i could bake or use an air fryer instead of deep frying the bonda? maybe by making the dosa batter a little thicker or make a dough to wrap it?

    i've been losing weight by not using oil so, no deep frying for me.

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