Vegan Recipes

BOSH!'s BEST VEGAN Recipes of 2019! ?

We can’t believe it’s very nearly the end of the DECADE!!! 2019 – what a year it’s been! We feel so privileged and honoured to have had such a good year …

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  2. Is this the same type of recipe as the chicken nuggets? Have to buy your book. My phhone wont hold any more downloads. Am on dialysis 3 days acweek for 4 hours each and. am liking animal protein lesscand lless. So glad i found you last week!

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  4. I find quite a lot of vegan and vegetarian food irritates my IBS and endometriosis, I can happily eat fish and chicken, but soya, tempeh, some grains, quorn, lentils, pasta, pulses, too many veg, etc I can't tolerate and I've been eating them despite this years, as I don't like red meat. When I don't eat them there's an improvement in my symptoms. It's a shame as I thoroughly enjoy veggie and vegan food, and these recipes look delicious. Hopefully there will be some better tolerated options created by food scientists in the future.

  5. Umm if you live off minimum wage buying all those ingredients to make a meat substitute would cost more than the real meat and be an unrealistic choice financially. Just thought I'd throw that out there….

  6. Looks good , but the vegan lifestyle ain't for me . Family barbecues would suck lol. I would be crying on the inside . Besides, I dated a vegan before and gave it a try , wasn't too pleased .

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