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BOMB VEGAN DINNER IDEAS (Quick + Easy in Under 15 Mins!)

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing 3 super tasty dinner ideas that can be made in under 15 minutes. Hope you like! » Get a free 15oz jar of coconut oil + 30 day …

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  1. Kim I am inlove with your channel, please keep the vids coming! I tried the veggie stir fry and it came out BOMB as hell TJS didn’t have the thai peanut sauce so I used their general tso sauce instead. Deelish 😘🤤 if you’re thinking about trying it. DO IT!

  2. Your recipes look Great!
    If you want to reduce the overall fat content (for those trying to lose weight), here’s an alternative that works really well. Instead of sautéing with olive oil (or any oil) use either vegetable stock, or mushroom stock.
    I almost never use oil any more because it tastes so much better, and is a much easier clean-up, when you don’t have to scrub oil off of everything!
    Just remember: oil is pure fat, with none of the nutrients or fiber of the whole food, so it’s going right to the hips!

    Another tip about fat: 2 Tablespoons of avocado gives an adult woman ALL of the daily requirements for healthy fat(s). So if you’re eating more than 2 Tablespoons in a day, or you’re using additional fats during the day, your body may not be breaking them down, which means you’ll be storing the fat on the hips (and elsewhere!). Of course, if you’re super active, you can burn some of that off, but fat is the hardest ‘food’ to burn off.

    Anyway, I’m gonna try some of your ideas!

  3. I keep watching the same vegan videos that you've posted over & over again lol. Would you be able to do these once a week?? I'm trying to transition to a vegan diet and your videos are the best and meals look the tastiest!

  4. You inspire me so much, I love your recipes, I started my vegan Journey last year and Lose 42 Pounds, I am not quite there yet because I eat fish but once a month, I am looking to go full vegan this year I am 55 years old and feel fabulous

  5. Of course the sauce is good it's Frontera Grill which is owned and chef'd by Rick Bayless the bomb diggity of Mexican cooking who spends half his year in Mexico learning to make new recipes. He is one of America's top chefs! He also lived in Mexico for 10 years. Since when is Thrive Market Thrive markets?

  6. I want to try this but I'm allergic to nuts. Anyway to substitute the walnuts and still get the same crunchiness?

    (I actually left a comment on this months ago asking this but no one responded lol)

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