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BETTER THAN TAKEOUT – Beef Lo Mein Recipe (牛肉捞面)

I have made an oyster sauce Lo Mein not so long ago. Even though it was a basic flavor, I got so many compliments. Everybody loves it. Today, we gonna …

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  1. Hi there, should flank beef have a funky smell after mixing with marinade? Meat did not have a smell before mixing in marinade. I just want to know If it is normal smell for the marinade mix?

  2. This was soooo good! Better than any restaurant and I used thin spaghetti noodles. They were to good and silky. I had onion, green and red pepper.

  3. Just made the beef lo mein and I can't believe it tastes exactly like take out . I'm a truck mechanic with absolutely no cooking skills and it still came out excellent. Your instructions are very easy to follow and explained very clearly . I'm looking forward to trying another recipe !!!! THANKS FOR YOUR VIDEOS !!!!!! There very well done

  4. I noticed that when stir frying the beef, you are able to stir almost immediately; but, in your chicken stir fry you have to wait about a minute to stir otherwise the protein would stick. Is this because the beef reacts differently to the wok?

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  6. Love the video, just recently bought your recommended wok and can attest to the fact it is outstanding. Tried your chicken fried rice and pepper steak, big hit on both dishes. The food Channel needs you on it. Will keep watching. Love your down to earth relatability. Easy to follow and copy.

  7. I have tried this recipe a couple of times and the beef is super tender and rest is very flavorful. Thank you I will continue to cook this one along with many of your other tasty dishes

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