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Beginner's Guide to Going VEGAN ??

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  1. I'm new to the vegan lifestyle and started on 11/12/19. I am so excited about this new journey. I went out to dinner this evening and ate at a vegan restaurant and I'm soooo full. I had Vegan Chicken and can't taste the difference. I'm doing vegan because I just want to be healthy. Plus I feel that this is the way that humans were always supposed to eat, we weren't meant to eat meat. I feel we've been sold a bill of goods by advertising firms to think that eating meat is normal.
    try your 1 Month Vegan Challenge here:

    Im 'novus lifestyle et vegan on 11/12/19 et coepi. Ego ita excitatur circa hoc iter. Ex quo veni ad cenam popina et factum est vespere et vegan cibum in soooo plena sum. Vegan solos habui et pullum differentia. EGO iustus volo sanus vegan quia ego sum facis. Sentio quod hoc est plus homines sunt ut semper volo manducare, non manducare cibum non intelligerentur. EGO sentio iam vendidit nos per libellum a bonis firms venditabatque cogitare comedere cibum qui est normalis.

  2. hey queen, i subscribed to your channel because i just started my vegan diet november 1st (sunday) & i'm going to continue listening & learning as i watch your videos. thanks for your help! i appreciate it.

  3. just started my vegan diet on november 1st (sunday) and i'm definitely going to listen & learn more as i continue to watch your videos throughout my journey. thank you so much. i appreciate your help.

  4. How can we peacefully and permanently leave the physical form behind? I do not wish to continue to kill and consume plant life and other resources of this planet for my own physical existence. Does anyone here know how we can peacefully and permanently leave physical existence? Kind answers only please. Thank you

  5. My whole family is vegan instead of me. It makes me feel left out when they are all making vegetables in the kitchen and walking fruits while I’m here with my cheese burger. I tried going vegan for a week…I only lasted two days. I hope this works

  6. I generally eat healthy but i do eat fish and animal products. I genetically have high cholesterol (good and bad) and am pre-diabetic due to my weight gain over the last several years. I've tried upping exercise, cutting portions, but my weight and my bloodwork won't budge. I've decided to try plant based as much as I can for 3 months and see if it helps my cholesterol and blood sugar numbers. My first week i realized how often i turned to dairy or meat (a slice of turkey, a piece of string cheese or greek nonfat plain yogurt) whenever i was hungry and needed a quick protein boost. So I have prepped beans (garbanzo and black), rice, potatoes and several salads to have on hand so whenever i'm hungry and don't feel like fruits and veggies, i can grab a cup of rice and beans or potatoes with a ready salad. it's been up and down this week but excited to keep going! LOVE your content and your energy, thanks so much for your videos – I'm going to go binge watch a bunch of them 🙂

  7. Trying to go vegan… Again… Subscribed to your channel. I send the intentions of hope, faith, love, and intuition to all my fellow peoples of Earth, and I see us making things a little bit better every day 😊 ❤ ✌

  8. Is it possible to go full vegan without needing supplements? Seems if you need supplements then perhaps the diet is not giving everything you need? Not trying to troll, genuinely interested as trying to transition little by little.

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