Beetroot Salad | Healthy Salad Recipes | Easy Salad Recipes | Chef Rishim Sachdeva

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  1. Welcome back Chef Rishim Sachdeva.

    Awaited a bit but you are back worth a new unique recipe.

    This salad seems already unique with so many different and unusual combination of ingredients into it like Beetroot, almonds, pepper, tender coconut, watermelon seeds, fennel seeds, flax seeds… true invention.. 

    The salsa mixture with that coconut meat and those bell peppers… 

    Finally platting them so beautifully.. looks delicious and healthy. And the icing on the cake was serving the dish with the tender coconut water… 

    Great going Chef… 

    Waiting for the next out of the box dish

  2. I've 2 questions:
    1. Instead of putting beetroot in the oven, do you have any other solution since I don't have oven?
    2. Star anise isn't easily available in every city, so other option for the same?

  3. A little messy dish…could not follow the steps…you need to return to the video often to memorise it…and yes, less of "nice" please! There are a plethora of other synonymous adjectives out there. 😂😂

  4. Love the pickle beetroot part… I would like to know what other vegetables can be pickled in a similar way and how can we store that to prevent it being soggy. A good effort chef… hope to see some more interesting stuff. Thank you 😊

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