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Beef Stroganoff Recipe – The Best Beef Stroganoff

Learn how to make a Beef Stroganoff Recipe! Visit for the ingredients! Plus …

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  1. I retired this year after centuries of working. My wife always did the cooking because I was working. When I retired I decided that I would life up a pan and spatula and try to make up for all the years she had to do it. It's been fun but till I found this channel I wasn't doing to well. Now things are starting to work out well. Tried this for sunday is it yummy. I have added it to my go forward cook book. Thanks Chef.

  2. Chef John, can you start making more vegetarian meals? I love your recipes but I'm trying to cut down on my meat consumption and I would like to know how you would make this differently if it was vegetarian? A mushroom stroganoff recipe would be great!

  3. Since Chef John records the voiceovers after the fact, during the "tasting", I just imagine him sitting there with absolutely nothing, in front of his mic, all like: "so how does this taste? tastes nothing absolutely amazing!"

  4. This one spoke to me! It reminds me of my Mom’s pepper steak in the fact that she made Beef Stroganoff first, but someone didn’t like the sour cream or the mushrooms.

  5. That's all nice and well and I'm sure it tastes great, but it's got nothing to do with Boeuf Stroganoff. Consider adding olives and almonds and bell peppers as an option, but without mustard it's not a Stroganoff. Besides, the meat in the Stroganoff should be rare and not well done.

  6. Great recipe. Using chuck roast really made a difference. I’ve made stroganoff with other cuts and the beef is tough. This came out tender. I did cook the beef closer to two hours and I had to add more flour to thicken it. The creme fraiche was better than sour cream. Thanks Chef John

  7. Thanks a million. 💯👏👍❤️ Sick of shop bought sour ‘cream’ (imo it’s never been near a cow, just the inside of a Lab) CURDLING. Made my Stroganoff, and for the first time in YEARS, no curdling, and tasted delicious. Also delicious with Chilli. Yum Yum. Why mess around with lemon and/or vinegar, when this simple method does the trick. It’s very thick and creamy.

  8. Tip for a faster meal….. Why buy chuck steak that you have to cook the shit out of, to tenderise it? After you’ve cooked it for 3 hours, the mushrooms die a painful death. No thanks. I like the mushrooms soft, but not dead. I bought some rump steak, which is the perfect cut for this recipe. You can eat rump steak raw, and it melts in your mouth…if you buy from a good source. Not expensive, and it cooks in two minutes ! You don’t even have to brown it, cos it will soften while it’s cooking in the liquid.

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