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Beef nihari recipe—velvety beef or mutton shank stew—perfect for winters

Nihari or nahari recipe: Nahari is a breakfast stew in which beef or mutton shank containing all the good fat, marrow and bones is slow-cooked all night with …

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  1. Your recipe and the simplicity in which it is presented is phenomenal. Also, the perception that Nihari is a complicated dish and cannot be aced by a beginner has been proved wrong as I have just started trying cooking and the Nihari turned out to be extraordinarily delicious. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  2. Being Hindu doesn't mean you can't eat beef, you are just told to not eat it, it's all false belief and conditioning that makes us believe in all these religious dietary restrictions. Y'all just enjoy your life and taste as many varieties of food as possible.

  3. Btw, I know we all grew up calling it “shah jeera” but it’s actually “siyaah” jeera – ie dark, or “black” jeera, which makes sense. I’d always been puzzled by the name – nothing “Royal” about it, right? But then I learnt that it was siyaah so it made a lot of sense.

  4. Thanks for this video! It shows great skill and quality for this dish. Beef/chicken or whatever doesn't matter, if it looks good! Please post more videos! Love the channel, thumbs up from me!

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