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Beef Lasagna Recipe | Easy Dinner | – Natasha's Kitchen

This EASY Lasagna recipe is beefy, saucy and supremely flavorful. Homemade lasagna is better than any restaurant version and it feeds a crowd at dinner for …

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  1. Ive followed every instructions. WOW my wife and kids loved it. We have a Filipino Lasagna version so i want to try a different approach (real version) then i stumble upon your videos. FANTASTIC. Goodbye Filipino Lasagna version. 😁

  2. This is a wonderful recipe I'm keen on trying this christmas.. just a query..if I have a pasta sheet that does not require boiling.. should my bake time be according to the packet instruction or more Since I'm unsure about how long the cottage cheese and ricotta would require to cook .

  3. Hi, have you ever used the noodles that don't have to be boiled? After watching your whole video I will make this recipe either Tomorrow or Wednesday, but I would rather use the noodles that don't have to be boiled. I would also like to tell you that you have a very cute & fun personality.

  4. Hello Natasha,
    I made your egg rolls and my italian husband even helped frying it. ……🤭😃🥰
    But what’s most important is, that he LOVES it!!!!!!🥰🥰
    So from now on, I’ll be making your egg rolls, your recipee…..
    Next, is this lasagna of course, because as you said it cutely, it’s cheesy, -and easy 🤭👏🏻😃🥰

  5. Girl…you NAILED lasagna! This is the most AMAZING recipe EVER! I even sent my daughter your link and she made it too. By FAR the very best lasagna recipe! I will keep and use this one over and over again. ‘ TIL death do us part! Thank you Natasha!

  6. What does "set the oven to boil" mean? I have an electric stove from 1989, which I absolutely hate, and it's very limited in what it does. I don't even know where the middle rack would be on this thing.

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