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Beef and Cheese Empanadas Recipe | How To Make Empanada Dough From Scratch

Today I am making homemade beef empanadas with from scratch dough. You can also use store bought empanada dough to make this an easy recipe.

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  1. Where did you get those canisters on your counter at? The ones that say potato’s, onions etc …btw I’ve made so many of your recipes. I cook but I can honestly say my family loves it way more now that I make your recipes 🥰🥰 so thank you 😊

  2. So I made the dough perfectly however when I rolled it out I had to be ghetto and use a hot sauce bottle LOL I had no roller so when I cut them into circles they were kinda thick, and so when I fried them in the oil, they came out thick & I also made the circle bigger. So I want to know if I made them smaller and more flat would they have came out more flaky ? Cause mine cooked and were not flaky at all! Which is what I wanted them to be 🙁 someone please respond ! I want to attempt to make them again!

  3. Did your recipe last night. My family and I loved it! Great instructions, easy to follow along, thanks for doing this video. Definitely going to have fun experimenting w/this newly learnt skill!!

  4. I made these tonight and they came out good…but the dough was so tough to work with…any suggestions on working with the dough after it’s been cooled in the fridge?

  5. Nobody sub the empanada dough with Pillsbury crescent roll dough. The bottoms burned in the oven, the inside meat and cheese was bone dry. I couldn't find empanada dough in my town, not even at the Mexican grocery store we have in town. That's the name of the store, Mexican Grocery Store.

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