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Barbacoa Beef Tacos | Street Tacos | Crock Pot Recipes

Barbacoa Beef Tacos | Street Tacos | Crock Pot Recipes – Let’s get ready for Taco Tuesday with these delicious Barbacoa Beef Tacos. These are a staple in the …

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  1. I tried this recipe tonight! My husband loved it! It was soo good! Next time I’ll probably do less chipotle peppers because I’m a wimp lol.

    Question did the canned chipotle peppers you use come in adobo sauce?

  2. As far as I can tell, you never put the cooking time for slow up on the screen? I assume it's just the high times two, so around 9 hours?
    All the best from Copenhagen, Denmark. 🙂

  3. I made this for dinner 2nite. Only thing is I seared the meat 1st. This was so so very delish. Ab thank you for always making your videos so easy to follow. Yes me & the fam all had seconds. Oh and as it cooked the whole house smelled good. And yes the meat was beyond tender. Thanks again. Now off to pick another 1 of your recipes 😊

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